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Featuring and led by SANS experts, webcasts are a valuable marketing tool for security vendors to establish a presence in the security community, be recognized as an expert in their field, and to gain valuable, qualified leads.

What's Included

  • Opportunity to sponsor topics that align with your business focus
  • Minimum 200 lead guarantee
  • Promoton in weekly SANS Webcast Email to all SANS alumni leading up to webcast launch
  • Listing on SANS Webcast website -
  • Promotion via social media channels to promote attendance
  • Continued lead generation on SANS Archive Webcast site

SANS offers several types of webcasts to appeal to each business's goals and objectives:

Ask The Expert Webcasts: SANS Experts bring current and timely information on relevant topics in IT Security. These webcasts are the go-to online format to obtain actionable information to help you in your security goals

Hot Topics! Webcasts: SANS Experts provide viewers with insight to trending topics in the security industry

Custom Webcasts: Custom webcasts allow the vendor to choose the topic of discussion and collaborate with SANS Experts on content.

Tool Talks: These special webcasts are designed to give attendees a solid understanding of a problem, and how a vendor's commercial tool can be used to solve or mitigate that problem

Analyst Webcasts: A follow-on to the SANS Analyst Program, Analyst webcasts provide key information from our whitepapers and surveys. WhatWorks Webcasts: The SANS WhatWorks webcasts bring powerful customer experiences showing how end users resolved specific IT Security issues. These webcasts feature actual customers telling their story and what product worked for them to resolve their issue.

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